5 Things You Can Prepare Right Now For Version 2.1

Genshin Influence’s 2.1 replace brings us the following chapter of the Inazuma Archon story, and even graces us with the Electro Archon Raiden Shogun herself together with three different new characters. Listed below are 5 issues you are able to do proper now to organize for Genshin Influence 2.1.

5 issues to organize for Model 2.1 you are able to do proper now

1- Full the Archon Quests

Genshin Influence 2.1 brings the following and last chapter for the Inazuma Archon quests. To play it, you’ll want to finish the earlier Archon Quests. You’ll additionally be capable to gather Primogems from the rewards to place in the direction of any of the brand new Want banners.

2- Get the Hamayumi Bow

The Hamayumi bow is likely one of the new craftable weapons launched with Inazuma, however it’s extra elusive than the remainder. To get the Blueprint for this weapon, you have to gather Mysterious Conches to open Takashi’s chests on the northern aspect of Tatarasuna. You possibly can solely open one chest a day, and also you’ll get the Hamayumi on the seventh day. Extra conches spawn on the close by seashore every day.

Hamayumi is a superb free-to-play possibility for Aloy and Kujou Sara.

3- Achieve Popularity for Electroculus Resonance Stone

You possibly can solely acquire a lot Popularity every week, so get a head begin. At stage 8, you get the Electroculus Resonance Stone recipe that can allow you to discover all the Electroculus you might have missed in your travels. They’re not all accessible now, however they are going to be when 2.1 drops.

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4- Collect Ascension Supplies

Three new characters means quite a lot of useful resource farming. A number of the Ascension supplies you’ll want for Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, Sangonomiya Kokomi and Aloy will turn into accessible with the 2 new islands coming in 2.1, however there’s nonetheless just a few objects you’ll be able to gather proper now to get a head begin.

Raiden Shogun wants Handguards to Ascend, so make certain you’re taking out the wandering Samurai mobs and amassing their loot. Her regional speciality isn’t right here but. Kujou Sara wants Dendrobium from Nazuchi Seashore and Hilichurl Masks to Ascend. Each want the drops from the upcoming Thunder Manifestation boss.

Kokomi sadly has none of her supplies accessible now, however since she’s coming within the second occasion banner you’ll have a while to farm after 2.1 comes.

For gamers on Ps, Aloy is coming in 2.1 as a free five-star character. She wants Crystalline Bloom from the Cryo Hypostasis in Dragonspine as her boss merchandise. You too can begin amassing Crystal Marrow from the massive serpent bones on Yashiori Island.

5- Artifact and Expertise supplies

Fortunately, all the Domains for the Expertise supplies and Artifacts the brand new characters want are already accessible. The Artifacts you need will very based mostly on which characters you’re anticipating to get, however the Expertise Ascension Supplies are identified already.

Raiden Shogun wants Gentle, Kujou Sara wants Class and Kokomi wants Transience. All of those are obtained on the Violet Courtroom Area, in between Narukami Island and Tatarasuna. Gentle is obtained on Monday and Thursday, Class comes on Tuesday and Friday and Gentle is on Wednesday and Saturday. You may get any of them on Sunday.

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Aloy, however, makes use of Freedom you could get in Mondstadt from the Forsaken Rift on Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

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