Best Characters To Pair With Tartaglia

Tartaglia is the primary character in Genshin Impression to have their banner featured 3 times. He deserves it, as Tartaglia is Genshin’s premier Hydro DPS and is without doubt one of the recreation’s greatest DPS items on the whole. You may take his energy one step additional with the best assist items. Listed below are the 5 four-star greatest characters to make use of on a Tartaglia workforce.

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Take a look at the above Collected Miscellany for a primer on Tartaglia’s package. We’ll be wanting solely at four-star characters, as they’re the almost definitely ones you’ll have even if you happen to’re free-to-play. Any mixture of the next characters with Tartaglia could make a strong workforce composition.

A robust Tartaglia workforce could have characters to assist him via off-field assaults, so that you’re searching for character who can drop sturdy Elemental Bursts.

Genshin Impression: The 5 greatest characters to pair with Tartaglia

5. Rosaria

Rosaria’s Elemental Burst creates a area that offers fixed Cryo harm. This permits a “perma-freeze” model of play whereas Tartaglia’s stance change is on, the place the Frozen response always triggers and maintain down enemies. Rosaria additionally has a passive expertise at Ascension 4 that will increase the CRIT Charge of different characters within the radius of her Burst, permitting Tartaglia to provide Riptide extra usually by his personal passive.

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4. Xingqiu (Constellation 2)

Hydro on Hydro appears a little bit bizarre, however Xingqiu at Constellation 2 decreases the Hydro resistance of enemies hit by his Elemental Burst’s Rain Swords. Because it lasts a very long time, Tartaglia is ready to make the most of the lengthy period and deal heavy Hydro harm.

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