Breaking Down My 100 Free Scouts Haul

Throughout the current Pokemon Presents, they talked about all the brand new stuff coming to Pokemon Masters EX. It was principally story and character additions however in addition they introduced  a large giveaway wherein enjoying after the occasion offers you a bunch of free gems and sufficient 10-tickets to scout 100 scouts, which is their fancy approach of claiming it’s their Gatcha mechanic that permits you to get Pokemon Trainers with their buddy Pokemon in your stock of individuals.

Because it seems you don’t get 100 free scouts out the gate because the video appeared to suggest. As an alternative you get a free 10-ticket as soon as a day for ten days. So, for the final ten days I’ve logged into the sport, collected my free tickets and gems and documented them so we will see what the drop charges are actually like.

All in all, between tickets and gems I summoned 159 Pokemon Trainers so… oof, let’s get into this mess.

Oh, and earlier than I being, I’m going to be straight up with you. Whereas I’ll let you know I by no means acquired a coach that was beneath three stars in rarity, that’s as a result of there aren’t any trainers beneath three stars. It’s an inexpensive psychological factor and shouldn’t make you consider that each coach is considerably uncommon.

Additionally, please observe that I didn’t play the sport throughout this time or make any purchases. That is ONLY the free stuff I acquired throughout this occasion.

Right here we go.

Three Star Trainers

These ones are the most typical of the gang. Some positively can be given to you greater than others. In truth, when you ever begin enjoying and get both Tate or Liza and fear you’ll by no means get the matching twin…don’t. You will notice them continually and appear to be one of the crucial widespread drops. I’ve sufficient of those two to start out my very own orphanage.

  • Lt. Surge/Voltorb – 10
  • Brawley/Makuhita – 9
  • Bugsy/Beedrill – 8
  • Cheryl/Blissey – 8
  • Winona/Pelipper – 7
  • Marley/Arcanine – 7
  • Janine/Ariados – 7
  • Roark/Cranidos – 6
  • Liza/Lunaton – 6
  • Clay/Palpitoad – 6
  • Crasher Wake/Floatzel – 6
  • Mina/Granbull – 6
  • Marlon/Carracosta – 6
  • Tate/Solrock – 5
  • Brycen/Cryogonal – 4
  • Candice/Abomasnow – 3
  • Wulfric/Avalugg – 2
  • Maylene/Meditite – 2
  • Ramos/Weepinbell – 2
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In order that’s not unhealthy so far as the cooler ones go. Winona, Marley and Janine all look cool as hell whereas the characters I acquired much less of like Wulfric and Ramos are simply kinda boring.

DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Firm

4 Star Trainers

Now you’re going to see the lists getting smaller. 4 stars are sometimes actually good and have a number of potential however…that is additionally the class the place you’ll spend a number of time being like “how is [X] not 5 star?!” Like, I’m sorry, absolute Woman Boss Lorelei and her Lapras is barely 4 stars? Like, not solely was she a member of the Elite 4 however she was the chief. Oh, and the Pokemon Yellow manga she and her Elite 4…let me learn this accurately…tried conquering the world together with the remainder of her crew with the aim of killing each single human who wasn’t good to Pokemon. 4 stars. Pssh.

Any methods, right here’s those I acquired.

  • Whitney/Miltank – 3
  • Roxie/Whirlipede – 2
  • Marshal/Conkeldurr – 2
  • Blaine/Ponyta – 2
  • Lucy/Seviper – 2
  • Will/Xatu – 1
  • Drake/Salamence – 1
  • Agatha/Gengar – 1
  • Sophocles/Togedemaru – 1
  • Thorton/Bronzong – 1
  • Grant/Amaura – 1
  • Wikstrom/Aegislash – 1
  • Lorelei/Lapras – 1
  • Gardenia/Roserade – 1
  • Sahuntal/Chandelure – 1
  • Siebold/Clawitzer – 1
  • Noland/Pinsir – 1

DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Firm

The shocking quantity of Elite 4 peeps on this record making it a bit controversial (to me a minimum of) however a minimum of I ended up getting two Roxie’s as she’s my absolute favourite coach ever. Although…may have performed with out all these Miltanks. However that’s simply because I’m completely not comfy with them.

5 Star Trainers

Right here we’re. The cream of the crop. The flamboyant bois. Not solely are those on this group highly effective sufficient the place you’ll be able to assure one or two of those in your get together will will let you coast via the primary story but it surely’s additionally the place ones in particular costumes go. The costumes are fairly cool on this recreation as a result of whereas getting Leon would get you his Charizard, Sygna Go well with Leon, apart from trying like a villain, additionally will get you Eternatus.

  • Phoebe/Dusclops – 4
  • Lyra/Chikoria – 2
  • Brendan/Treecko – 1
  • Nessa/Drednaw – 1
  • Sygna Go well with Leon/Eternatus – 1
  • Sygna Go well with Grimsley/Sharpedo – 1
  • Hala/Crabominable – 1
  • Jasmin/Steelix – 1
  • Bianca/Musharna – 1
  • Selene/Rowlet – 1
  • Lillie (Anniversary 2021)/Lunala – 1
  • Plumeria/Salazzle – 1

DENA CO., LTD., The Pokémon Firm

Regardless of having 150+ scouts pulled I’m genuinely stunned I nonetheless ended up with sixteen five-star trainers. Particularly the flamboyant ones just like the Sygna Fits two and the anniversary version of Lillie (who not solely has Lunala however has a very cool gown modeled after Cosmog). I lucked out with them beginning a brand new occasion including anniversary costumes to the sport on the final minute too as a result of I acquired Anniversary Lillie with my last pull. I used to be already stoked getting Plumeria (trigger I like Crew Cranium) after which Lillie simply confirmed up trying superior.

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Closing Ideas

Okay, in order that’s what all I ended up pulling. 115 three-stars, 23 four-stars, and 21 five-stars. Particularly having performed Nintendo’s Hearth Emblem recreation for lots longer than I ought to have, that is truthfully a significantly better ratio than I anticipated.

And I feel the occasion truthfully pulled off what they wished as a result of whereas I used to be “meh” with the sport for some time, having a number of characters I like unexpectedly made me need to dive again in and really play via the ridiculous quantity of story content material the sport has to supply.

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