Endgame content updates arrive across Marvel mobile games

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is here, and Marvel fans are on their phones…again. The mobile version of Endgame content updates arrive across Marvel mobile games helped earn 1.7 million views in Android, Apple, and Windows 10 devices, with an overall game download number reaching 5.6 million downloads.

Marvel Mobile Games Heroes have flown off to space and beyond since the launch of Endgame in January. And if you’re wondering when you’ll next have the chance to fly through Exo-Space and punch Kang the Conqueror, wonder no more because Marvel today revealed a series of updates for its popular suite of mobile games.

Marvel: Contest of Champions (2018) and Marvel Strike Force have received a slew of new Endgame content, gifting players with intriguing new stories, missions, items and locations to explore. With the latest update, both games are now based on the cinematic Endgame storyline, closely mirroring what Marvel fans can expect to see happen in theaters this April.

The string of content updates across Marvel mobile games shows that the company is aware of its large player base and is working to keep them engaged. The updates also provide a model for other mobile game developers to follow in order to keep their games relevant and their players coming back for more.

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