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The Maguu Kenki is a brand new boss in Genshin Impression that previews the a lot anticipated Inazuma. It even has its personal occasion tab for 1.6 with a set of challenges to finish. Maguu Kenki has a ton of assaults, so figuring out find out how to full the challenges may be robust if you happen to don’t know what you’re searching for. Even if you happen to don’t want to finish challenges, it’s nonetheless good to know so you may make farming supplies for Kazuha simpler. Right here’s find out how to full every of the Maguu Kenki challenges, with detailed descriptions of its assault patterns.

Easy methods to Defeat a Maguu Kenki with out being hit by its Phantom’s assaults

The Maguu Kenki summons a phantom of itself to enormously enhance its assault vary. The phantom gained’t come till Maguu Kenki has misplaced 1 / 4 of its well being. A few of these assaults would require you to make use of the invincibility frames you get from dashing. It has numerous Phantom assaults, so let’s check out the 4 phantom assaults I’ve recognized.

Maguu Kenki Phantom assault checklist

Again step

If you happen to assault proper in its face, the Maguu Kenki will sheath its sword, step backwards and depart the phantom at its preliminary place. They’ll then pull their swords out for spin slash that hits throughout them. There’s numerous wind up, so if you happen to escape proper when the phantom seems you’ll be able to simply dodge each. The phantom’s assault has a bigger radius than the actual one.

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Ranged slash

The ranged slash is much like the again step assault, besides they may hearth projectiles at you. You’ll know its the ranged assault whenever you don’t see the circle that accompanies assault vary by their toes. The actual one will slash at you three to 4 instances, with the phantom solely firing as soon as. Watch your place so that you don’t get pincered.

Double slash

When it sheathes its sword and doesn’t carry out the again step, it would carry out a round slash with the phantom performing a comply with up assault. You’ll wish to dodge the primary slash after which dodge in the direction of Maguu Kenki, because the phantom’s assault has a bigger vary however gained’t cowl proper in entrance of it.

Phantom plunge

This assault is misleading, because the phantom hides within the assault animation. You may inform when it does the plunge when it lifts up two swords. It has an enormous assault vary, and when you have small character like Klee you gained’t be capable of dodge. Even with a lankier character like Zhongli, it’s important to begin dashing proper whenever you see it pull out the sword. If not, you’ll have to make use of invincibility frames to get round it.

Triple slash

One of many Maguu Kenki’s rarer assaults, it is a collection of slashes with the phantom. The actual ones is telegraphed and gradual, however the phantom will comply with your place. If you happen to get far, this assault gained’t attain you.

Maguu Kenki masks parry

The masks parry triggers whenever you use a ranged assault at a distance. It doesn’t appear to set off when attacking at shut vary, however to ensure the masks parry doesn’t set off don’t use a bow or catalyst character.

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Defeat a Maguu Kenki with out being hit by its masks’s assaults

Maguu Kenki has two masks assaults. The primary is an in depth vary assault the place the 2 halves of the masks converge, after which it would thrust them ahead. To dodge this, you’ll be able to merely stroll to the aspect. The second assault is whenever you’re away from it, the place it would launch the masks halves after which attempt to clamp them on you. It has somewhat extra vary, so sprint accordingly. The masks assaults are each extremely telegraphed, so you’ll be able to escape them fairly simply.

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