Ice Hound Super Troop revealed

Aspen, Colorado. A small town in the Rocky Mountains, home of the Ice Hound SuperTroop. Previously, Aspen’s tourism had been a quiet one, with mostly skiers and snowboarders coming to town and leaving during the season. But the Ice Hound SuperTroop changed all that. One day without warning, a troop of huskies clad in ice-blue fur appeared throughout Aspen. Over the course of a single weekend they busied themselves taking pictures of every tourist they could find and posting them on Instagram with witty hashtags. These hounds quickly gained national attention as folks swarmed to Aspen to snap photos with their furry faces.

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It has been an exciting time in reviewing the new Ice Hound troop figures and vehicles that seemed like they would never arrive. These figures have surfaces that reflect the light in such a way that you really feel like you are looking at semi-translucent ice from which they were sculpted. They are highly detailed, but are not cast in a brittle material that becomes easily broken. I love their icy glow, sharp teeth, and relative lack of clothing — this last characteristic prevents them from being compared to any other troop set in the Battlescapes game system.

The Ice Hound Super Troop is a special group of soldiers who have been carefully selected and trained for cold weather combat. The group is made up of members from each of the five branches of the military, and they are considered to be some of the best-trained and most experienced troops in the world. The Ice Hound Super Troop is a valuable asset to the United States military, and they are sure to be a major force in any future conflict that takes place in a cold climate.

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