Kamisato Ayato Release Date And Everything We Know

A trailer that includes Genshin Impression’s upcoming five-star character Arataki Itto has gamers clamoring over a brand new reveal in Kamisato Ayato. On the finish of the Itto teaser, Thoma might be seen watching the present. He then speaks to his “Lord”, whom we will solely assume to be Ayato. We don’t get a have a look at his face, however we do hear him converse. Right here’s all the things we learn about Kamisato Ayato to this point.

If Kamisato Ayato sounds vaguely acquainted, it’s as a result of he’s the older brother of Kamisato Ayaka. It’s type of like for those who named your children Daniel and Danielle. He might also sound vaguely acquainted in voice, as gamers suppose Chris Hackney’s behind him.

Does Chris Hackney voice Kamisato Ayato?

We don’t know definitively who voices Ayato but, so that is all primarily based on hypothesis. It’s onerous for me to inform given the brief line, however I’ll take Twitter’s phrase that it’s Chris Hackney. You’ll have heard him as Dimitri in Fireplace Emblem: Three Homes or Ghiaccio in Jojo’s Weird Journey: Golden Wind.

It’s a enjoyable sport miHoYo’s taking part in: followers get to invest they usually drive hype for upcoming content material, particularly when it includes actors with an enormous following.

Given how under-designed the family members of playable character are usually, there have been a number of jokes going round that Ayato was going to be an NPC. With this trailer, it’s secure to imagine Ayato goes to be a full-blown occasion character.

Ayato had been a considerably enigmatic character prior to now. Within the little lore that’s out there, we all know that Ayato serves as the pinnacle of the Yashiro Fee and the Shuumatsuban (the intelligence operation/ninja squad Sayu’s a part of).

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His sister Ayaka has a samurai motif and serves as the general public face of the clan. Ayato works within the background and is the chief of an intelligence group, so I feel it’d be cool to see Ayato because the samurai’s reverse: a ninja.

There’s a number of different issues that we don’t learn about Ayato but, particularly, what Imaginative and prescient he would have. We additionally don’t know when he’s coming to the sport, and even what he’ll seem like.

When does Ayato launch?

There’s some sleuthing we will do to determine when Ayato involves Genshin Impression. As of writing, we’re on replace 2.3. MiHoYo has already previewed 2.4’s new characters, particularly Shenhe. Shenhe first appeared within the background of the cutscene that performed on the finish of two.1’s Moonlight Merriment occasion. Shortly after, many Liyue characters received new voice traces about Shenhe.

With three updates between Shenhe’s first look and her supposed launch, this might imply Ayato will are available in both 2.5 or 2.6. My cash is on 2.5, as there are already voice traces about Ayato within the sport.

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