Kazuha First Look And Build Impressions

Genshin Impression’s first Inazuma character, Kazuha, is lastly right here. Whereas we will’t make it Inazuma but, the extremely anticipated Anemo samurai will probably be featured within the second banner in 1.6.

We knew about Kazuha for some time, however together with his official launch we discovered extra about his story. Kaedahara Kazuha is a fugitive, needed by the Inazuma Bakufu and is hiding out on Beidou’s ship as a mysterious member of the Crux. My idea is that Kazuha escaped the mass Imaginative and prescient gathering that Zhongli talked about within the Archon Quest.

Genshin Impression: Kazuha first look and construct impressions

As for gameplay, Kazuha is a sword wielding Anemo consumer with a deal with reactions. In response to beta info from Honey Impression, he features a bonus to Elemental Mastery as he ascends. His skillset additionally performs into this, as each of his assaults deal additional injury on their second hit after Swirling a component.

Kazuha’s Elemental Ability, Chihayaburu, sucks in enemies and launches him into the air, like Venti. Holding it will increase the vary, and utilizing a plunging assault after this infuses it with Anemo because the Midareranzan assault.

His Burst, Kazuha Slash, creates an enormous Anemo AoE slash that leaves behind the Autumn Whirlwind. It is a subject that offers Anemo injury periodically, and modifications components when Swirled.

I can see Kazuha as a Burst help, rocking a four-piece Viridescent Venerer set to benefit from the fixed Swirl triggers from his Burst. His Passive expertise brings it to the following degree, giving an Elemental DMG bonus to your staff primarily based on his Elemental Mastery. After debuffing the enemy with Swirl, the injury enhance is much more devastating.

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My favourite factor about Kazuha, nevertheless, is his first Passive that reduces sprinting stamina consumption by 20%. It doesn’t sound that flashy, however saving Stamina on characters hungry for it like Hu Tao and Keqing could be indispensable. It’s nice for Hu Tao particularly, because it will increase her uptime in the event you weren’t fortunate to get her first Constellation.

After the demanding build-around Eula, it’s nice to see one other staff participant that may make your different items stronger. I already blew all my Primogems on Eula, however I’ll be doing my greatest to drag for Kazuha.

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