Lair Of Behemoths’ New Mechanic

We’re just below two weeks away from the print launch to Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths! We’re persevering with to take a look at the brand new mechanics this new growth brings. This week, we put the highlight on key phrase counters.

Could fifteenth is quick approaching, which suggests we’ll quickly have our fingers on the print launch of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. Final week, we took a have a look at the brand new Mutate mechanic and we’re persevering with to highlight the brand new mechanics Ikoria is bringing with key phrase counters.

Counters are nothing new to Magic: The Gathering—we’re all acquainted to counters giving a +x/+y increase to creatures. Key phrase counters take issues to the subsequent degree by giving creatures everlasting talents. The last word energy increase that actually ups the endurance of your creatures.

There may be an array of key phrase counters that playing cards will be capable to give, with extra choices seemingly debuting as these counters are utilized in future units (as seen above for the Commander 2020 set). The primary eight counters used for Ikoria are:

  • Deathtouch
    Any quantity of harm this offers to a creature is sufficient to destroy it.
  • First strike
    A creature with first strike offers fight harm earlier than creatures with out first strike.
  • Flying
    This creature can’t be blocked besides by creatures with flying and/or attain.
  • Lifelink
    Injury dealt by this creature additionally causes you to realize that a lot life.
  • Menace
    This creature can’t be blocked besides by two or extra creatures.
  • Attain
    This creature can block creatures with flying.
  • Trample
    This creature can deal extra fight harm to participant or planeswalker it’s attacking.
  • Vigilance
    Attacking doesn’t trigger this creature to faucet.
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These talents are certain to supply some new methods to play.  Some necessary notes about these counters embrace that stacking the identical counter on the identical creature received’t present the identical profit that stacking +x/+y counters would. Most curiously, utilizing these counters on non-creature permanents may result in attention-grabbing outcomes. They might not have an impact till these playing cards change into a creature, or utilizing deathtouch and lifelink on non-creature playing cards that trigger harm could have some sudden advantages.

Do you want the concept of key phrase counters? Tell us how you propose on utilizing them (or in case you have used them in Magic Enviornment) within the feedback under!

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