More Wild Hoenn Pokemon (and A New Shiny!) Appeared In Pokemon Go!

Yesterday, much more Hoenn Pokemon arrived in Pokemon GO, together with one other catchable shiny, new roaming regionals and a brand new raid boss Pokemon.

When you’ve been attempting to maintain your Pokedex crammed in Pokemon GO, you have been issued a brand new problem final night time. Niantic introduced that 23 new Hoenn Pokemon have been added to the sport, together with a brand new shiny (and its evolutions), new roaming regionals, and a brand new raid boss. Luckily, Niantic is giving gamers the instruments they should catch these Pokemon rapidly through a particular egg hatching occasion.

The unique put up concerning the occasion simply vaguely says “23 further Pokemon,” The Silph Street has a useful full listing of all those you’ll find:

  1. Whismur
  2. Loudred
  3. Exploud
  4. Aron
  5. Lairon
  6. Aggron
  7. Numel
  8. Camerupt
  9. Trapinch
  10. Vibrava
  11. Flygon
  12. Cacnea
  13. Cacturne
  14. Lunatone
  15. Solrock
  16. Nosepass
  17. Anorith
  18. Armaldo
  19. Lileep
  20. Cradily
  21. Torkoal
  22. Baltoy
  23. Claydol

As well as, Arons and their evolutions could be discovered very hardly ever of their shiny varieties, and Aggron will seem as a raid boss.

All of those Pokemon needs to be catchable anyplace with two exceptions: Solrock and Lunatone are touring regionals. In accordance with this information put up, they’ll by no means be present in the identical place on the similar time. So catch one when you see it, and maintain a watch out for them to change locations.

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Niantic is stepping up that can assist you work on that Pokedex, too:

To assist with this, they’ve added Tremendous Incubators again to the store if you wish to dish out actual cash, however in any other case you’re caught together with your one incubator and no matter else you have got sitting round to attempt to hatch these buddies along with all the opposite Hoenn Pokemon you would possibly nonetheless be engaged on. Get hatching and catching, trainers!

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