Mtgo Championship Deck Bant Control

With the MTGO Championship behind us, we are able to take a look at the Trendy decks that had been used at this digital championship. We had many various kinds introduced however most gamers are taking part in Jund since Bloodbraid Elf has been unbanned.

Just one man introduced Bant management to the event. Bant, being within the colours of white, inexperienced and blue, has a number of other ways it might probably get the sport gained. This deck has three totally different routes it might probably go to get the job performed. With working three colours although, one may fear about getting mana screwed.

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Right here is the decklist based on for Bant Management

Planeswalker (3)

3 Jace, the Thoughts Sculptor

Creature (11)

4 Sakura-Tribe Elder

2 Snapcaster Mage

2 Nissa, Vastwood Seer

2 Courser of Kruphix

1 Emrakul, the Promised Finish

Sorcery (11)

4 Serum Visions

2 Discover

1 Wrath of God

1 Supreme Verdict

3 Time Warp

Immediate (11)

4 Path to Exile

2 Remand

1 Bant Attraction

3 Cryptic Command

1 Sphinx’s Revelation

Enchantment (1)

1 Seek for Azcanta

Land (23)

3 Island

2 Plains

2 Forest

3 Flooded Strand

4 Misty Rainforest

1 Temple Backyard

1 Breeding Pool

1 Hallowed Fountain

1 Prairie Stream

2 Flooded Grove

1 Celestial Colonnade

2 Subject of Break

As you possibly can see this deck isn’t gentle on mana sources and it additionally has two totally different playing cards that will let you play lands simply with out having to fret about having any in hand. With the having the Immediate Discover in your hand this can grant you the flexibility to play an additional land throughout that activate prime of the One you initially play that flip.

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Creatures like Courser of Kruphix and Nissa Vastwood Seer will let you additionally play lands simply. Courser of Kruphix states that you could be play with the highest card of your library revealed and if it’s a land chances are you’ll play it. Now, this doesn’t permit you play two lands because it doesn’t state “an additional land”.

Nissa Vastwood Seer is also a card that may manipulate land playing cards onto the battlefield for you. When you forged her she digs in your library for a land card then after you’ve seven lands into play she transforms into Nissa Sage Animist.

As soon as she transforms she turns into a planeswalker with some nice talents. Her +1 potential lets you reveal the highest card of your library and if it’s a land, chances are you’ll put it into play. If it isn’t a land then chances are you’ll put it into your hand.

That lets you shortly sift by your deck and get the lands out of the best way so you possibly can forged extra spells. With the brand new Ascend mechanic, it would get you to the cities blessings even sooner than earlier than.

Her -2 potential makes a 4/4 elemental creature that may be a giant blocker for Nissa. You cant assault with it because it doesn’t have haste however that’s not likely your purpose right here with this card.

Her closing potential is superb. Everytime you get seven loyalty factors you possibly can then final her. By doing that you’re going to get to uptap as much as six goal lands and make them 6/6 elemental creatures which might be nonetheless lands. The way in which to abuse that is to untap lands you’ve tapped so that in your opponents flip you’ve six 6/6 blockers whereas additionally having six mana you possibly can faucet into.

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Subsequent massive card on this Bant Management deck is Jace The Thoughts Sculptor. Now since his unbanning, we have now not seen a lot of him, however the night time continues to be younger. Many gamers know the way good this card is so I gained’t dig into it an excessive amount of. With the flexibility to exile your opponent’s library this card will once more be a staple in lots of blue management decks.

This deck additionally has entry to playing cards like Wrath of God to forestall from being overrun, Time Warp so the caster can take an additional flip, Cryptic Command for the number of choices, and Seek for Azcanta to shortly get by the deck and forged the actually good playing cards.

The final card on this Bant Management deck that may be a win situation is Emrakul the Promised Finish. Gamers ought to know this card from Shadows over Innistrad. It is a 13/13 flying with trample and resistant to Instants. Principally, as soon as this card hits it’s recreation over in your opponent. Whereas having all of these insane talents you additionally get to regulate your opponents flip, they get one other flip after that. There’s a purpose over half of the professionals performed this card till it rotated out. It’s too good to not play.

I can’t wait to see how Trendy is after Jace and Bloodbraid Elf are again. Please give us a like and comply with on our social media pages, each Fb and Twitter @MTGsideboard!

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