Pregnancy is finally coming to The Sims FreePlay

Pregnancy is finally coming to The Sims FreePlay. This highly requested feature will be added in the next major update. The update will arrive on Thursday, August 16th in both the Play Store and App Store (iOS)  for Android and iOS devices respectively. The new baby’s gender will be determined by the father’s gender preference. This means that it’s up to female players to decide whether they want a boy or girl baby.

After years of rumors and waiting, finally, after so many months of what seemed like endless waiting, we have been informed that Sims Freeplay is actually adding “Pregnancy into the game”. This upcoming update will take place in just a few days to be exact. Pregnancy updates for The Sims Mobile will hit both the Android and iOS versions of the game. Sims Freeplay is a city-building simulation game with over 40 million players worldwide.

Pregnancy is a huge life event, and it’s only natural that The Sims FreePlay would eventually add this element to the game. It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the team behind The Sims FreePlay has finally figured out how to add pregnancy into the game in a way that makes sense. With the addition of pregnancy, The Sims FreePlay is finally starting to feel like a complete game.

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