Sneaky Goblin Super Troop revealed

I’m very excited to share this Sneaky Goblin Super Troop with you. I made some minor tweaks to the original troop and it’s off to the races! Like me, you may also want to tweak this troop to fit your own playstyle. I’ll lay out some customization options below as well as a video that shows gameplay. Note: I’ll refer to cards by their tier number, rarity, and name.

What is it about the Super Troop that makes it better than the other troops? Or maybe the question should be, what can you do with that 800% boost in power? That’s what we’re here to find out. Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out where you go when you deploy a Super Troop and to knock obstacles down like dominoes one by one. From Glass Joe to King Hippo and Little Mac (and everything in between), we’ll explore this giant fight between each character in some detail as we try to figure out why the Super Troop rises above the rest.

Oh, my little goblins are going to love this! A sneak peek at our new product before it is released!? How exciting! I just know it’s going to make all the other troop leaders green (with envy or terror — whatever. You know what I mean) with jealousy.

The new Sneaky Goblin Super Troop is a powerful addition to any player’s army, and with the right strategy, can easily take down even the most well-defended enemy bases. With its high speed and stealth ability, the Sneaky Goblin is perfect for surprise attacks, and can quickly take down enemy defenses before they have a chance to react. With the right strategy, the Sneaky Goblin Super Troop can easily become the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.

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