Supercell offers sneak peek at upcoming Clash of Clans update

Supercell, the maker of popular freemium mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Hay Day, has given its fans something to get excited about: a sneak peek at an upcoming update. The update is one that seems long overdue for the game, which has seen record downloads of over 100 million on the Google Play store alone. In the sneak peek Supercell provided, two blog entries were posted by community team members into Supercell’s official blog. The first details how the game will add more visual information to the game, while the second goes into greater detail about upgrades that are being made to Clan Wars.

This week, the Supercell team has been releasing a series of sneak peeks at one of the upcoming updates to its most popular game, Clash of Clans (KoC). In case you don’t know, CoC is an addictive strategy game where you create a village out from scratch. You find and rescue other players’ soldiers and use them to help protect your village. You also have the ability to attack other people’s villages and defend against attacks from others.

Well, looks like Supercell is trying something new. While its most popular release, Clash of Clans — which recently topped 100 million downloads — has been known for its large updates focused on adding a ton of new content, it appears we’re getting a much smaller update to the game soon (for iOS; the Android version has already been updated). In fact, there isn’t much new content in this update. And strangely enough — it’s aimed at improving the game’s first-time user experience. Huh? That makes no sense!

Supercell has given fans a sneak peek at its upcoming Clash of Clans update, which is set to include a host of new features and improvements. Among the most notable changes are a new troop, the Builder Base, and a number of gameplay tweaks designed to make the game more balanced and strategic. The update is currently in beta testing and is expected to roll out to all players in the coming weeks.

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