The Best Characters For Polar Star

Polar Star is a model new five-star Bow launched in Genshin Affect 2.2. It was proven off in promotional materials as Tartaglia’s new signature weapon, however how good is it on different characters? Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at Polar Star and the most effective characters that may wield it.

Genshin Affect: Polar Star Stats

In keeping with miHoYo, Polar Star has the next stats at Lv. 90 and Refinement 1:

  • Base ATK: 608
  • CRIT Price: 33.1%

Polar Star will increase Elemental Ability and Burst injury by 12%. When a Regular Assault, Charged Assault, Elemental Ability or Elemental Burst hits an enemy, you’ll get a stack of Ashen Nightstar that lasts for 12 seconds. You possibly can maintain as much as 4, and every stack’s period from every sort of assault is counted independently. For every stack, your character’s ATK might be elevated by 10, 20, 30 after which 48%.

This Bow is nice for quick attackers who use their whole kits. It’s made for Tartaglia, whose stance change can set off the Regular, Charged and Ability stacks simply. His versatile Elemental Burst can be utilized to guide an encounter in Ranged Mode, restoring Vitality and gaining an Ashen Nightstar stack on the identical time. When it comes time to make use of his Burst in his Melee Stance, you’ll be at max stacks.

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As a five-star Weapon, it’s higher than most four-star or free-to-play choices by advantage of its large Base ATK stat and CRIT Price bonus. Polar Star works properly on most primary/sub DPS builds for Bow customers, like Fischl and Aloy.

Even Ganyu and Venti could make use of the excessive base stats and may fairly set off all stacks of Ashen Nighstar. Polar Star gained’t be the most effective five-star Bow on them, however will nonetheless be extraordinarily highly effective for many gamers. The scaling on their Bursts can also be extraordinarily excessive, making full use of that 12% Ability and Burst injury enhance.

Yoimiya has an analogous package to Tartaglia, however can’t use Polar Star to its fullest. She makes use of her Elemental Ability to make her Regular Assaults stronger, however the Ability itself doesn’t really do injury. You’ll by no means get that exact stack, and gained’t get that 12% injury bonus to your Ability regardless of utilizing it typically.

In case your solely Bow customers are Help characters like Diona, Sara or the upcoming Gorou, then you definitely’re higher off utilizing Bows that give Vitality like Sacrificial Bow or Favonius Warbow.

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